Morning Goods, Sweet and Savoury

Croissants – Plain, Chocolate croissant, Almond Croissant, Pain au Chocolate

Danish Pastry – Apple, Apricot, Cinnamon, Currant, Cherry, Pecan

Muffins – Blueberry, banana, double chocolate, cherry, chocolate chip

Sponge Slices – Lemon, 100/100z, Chocolate, Jam and Coconut

Loaf cakes – Blueberry, Banana, Lemon, Cherry, Double chocolate

Individual Tarts – Apple, Cherry, Lemon, Chocolate, Almond, Bakewell,

Apricot, Pear

Pastel de nataz/Florentines – Original plain, Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Florentines

Tray Bakes – Chocolate Caramel, American Brownie, Rocky Road

Donuts – Vanilla ring, Chocolate ring, 100/1000z, Jam filled, Oreo, Biscoff

Savoury rolls – Spinach and feta, Sausage roll.

Large Cakes – 10” Cheesecake (sliced or unsliced 12 pieces)- Oreo, Biscoff.

13” Large Apple Flan, 10” Chocolate fudge cake

Our Morning Goods,
Sweets and Savoury