Our bakery is situated just a stone’s throw away from our Shops and Restaurant, and every day, our dedicated team of craft bakers create sour dough breads, rolls and pastries using traditional methods for our retail and wholesale customers.

Table Bread/ Bloomers– White, Brown Granary, Tiger

Sandwich Bread– White, Brown, Granary,

Farmhouse – White, brown, granary, 

Roberts Catering- Roberts bread  20+2 Medium, 18+2 Thick, 14+2 extra thick

Hovis- White Thick, White Medium, Brown Thick, Brown Medium

Speciality- Sourdough large 900g  and small 400g, Round Olive Foccacia, Round Tomato Foccacia, Round Herb Foccacia, Ciabatta Long 15” and 9”

French sticks and torpedos– White, Brown, Granary, Tiger, Demi baguettes

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Morning Goods, Sweet and savoury

Our best sellers over the last 35 years. From hand rolled dark chocolate truffles to buttery, flakly and herb-roasted chicken pie these products have been tried, tested and loved.

Croissants– Plain, Chocolate croissant, Almond Croissant, Pain au Chocolate

Danish Pastry- Apple, Apricot, Cinnamon, Currant, Cherry, Pecan

Muffins– Blueberry, banana, double chocolate, cherry, chocolate chip

Sponge Slices- Lemon, 100/100z, Chocolate, Jam and Coconut

Loaf cakes– Blueberry, Banana, Lemon, Cherry, Double chocolate

Individual Tarts- Apple, Cherry, Lemon, Chocolate, Almond, Bakewell, Apricot, Pear

Pastel de nataz/Florentines– Original plain, Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Florentines

Tray Bakes- Chocolate Caramel, American Brownie, Rocky Road

Donuts- Vanilla ring, Chocolate ring, 100/1000z, Jam filled, Oreo, Biscoff

Savoury rolls- Spinach and feta, Sausage roll.

Large Cakes- 10” Cheesecake (sliced or unsliced 12 pieces)- Oreo, Biscoff.

13” Large Apple Flan, 10” Chocolate fudge cake


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We are very proud to offer an extensive range of lunch, supper and dinner options from our Bakery, Pastry chefs and Production Kitchen – from a light snack to a 4 course meal.

Brioche Bun– Available in 5”, 4”, 3”, 2” (sliced or unsliced) Plain, Sesame, Black sesame

Potato Bun 4” (sliced or unsliced) Plain or sesame

Baps- Available in 6”, 5” 4” and 3”- Flour baps, White, Brown, Sesame, Granary, Brown

Rolls– Soft Rolls white, brown and granary, Crusty roll white, Tiger Roll

Dinner rolls- White, brown and granary

Mini hovis- White, brown and granary

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