Table Bread/Bloomers

These breads are available in either round or bloomer shape. The standard sizes are 400g and 800g. The loaves can be sliced.

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Caramelised Onion

A combination of white and rye flours create a perfect base for a savoury mix of caramelised onions and crunchy roasted onion pieces.

Fig & Fennel

A combination of white and rye flours creates a moist open crumb, full of juicy Lerida figs with a hint of fennel seeds.

Mixed Olive

A combination of white and rye flours packed with marinated black Kalamata and green olives.

Rosemary & Raisin

A combination of white and rye flours bursting with raisins and dried rosemary, topped with Maldon sea salt and fresh rosemary sprigs.


Our long-fermented sourdough combines unbleached, stone-ground flour with our sourdough starter to create a rustic loaf with a distinctive sour flavour. Available in 400g, 800g, 1600g and 2500g loaves.


A combination of white, wholemeal and malted rye flour, packed full of crunchy walnuts, subtly flavoured with honey. The crumb has a traditional purple tinge.

Walnut & Raisin

The same base as above, however the crunchiness of the walnuts is complimented by the chewy sweetness of raisins with a hint of mixed spice.

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White, Brown Granary, Tiger


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